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A silos is a metal construction in a form of vertical cylinder with a conical base on supports, designed for long-term storage of cement or other bulk materials with the bulk density of up to 1600 kg/m3. Silos provide reliable protection of the stored material from atmospheric precipitations and may be operated in any atmospheric conditions.

Cement Silos

Cement silos may be of different capacity, from 10 to 300 tons or more. There are two types of them: all-metal silos and dismountable bolted silos. All-metal silos are assembled at the production site and delivered to the installation site by road. Dismountable silos are manufactured with the use of laser cutting and drilling. Then the component surfaces are primed and coated with the basic paint using special apparatus.

Silos are normally complete with the standard equipment:

  • Level sensor
  • Breathing valve
  • Aeration system
  • Screw
  • Filter

Silos Manufacture

Zavod rezervuarnykh konstruktsy manufactures silos per standard or customized designs. If you have any questions on the cement silo manufacture, you may contact us by our company’s phone number. Call us and order silos!

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