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Country House Septic Tank

A septic tank is the main treatment equipment unit required to filter and treat household sewage. Septic tanks are installed in private residential houses, cottages, low-rise buildings, when no connection access to the common sewage pumping station is available.

Septic Tank Construction

A septic tank is a tank comprising a sectioned all-welded metal body, sewage water intake pipe, water discharge, breathing line, and neck.

To install a metal septic tank, a pit must be excavated in at least 6 meters from the house. The pit bottom is covered with crushed stone and reinforced, and then a concrete foundation is poured, designed depending on the tank weight. The septic is mounted on the foundation using anchor bolts or clamps, or directly on supports. The foundation is needed to prevent the ejection of the emptied tank with ground waters. For a long-time fail-safe septic tank operation, it must be properly maintained. An emptying truck should be called for at least twice a year, and then the system will serve for many years and allow avoiding unforeseen troubles.


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