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Sledge Tanks

Резервуары на санях это лучшее решение для хранения, перемещения разнообразных жидкостей (нефтепродуктов, питьевой и технической воды) и горюче-смазочных материалов в условиях крайнего севера.

Sledge tanks are the best solution to store or transport various liquids (oil products, drinking or industrial water) or fuels and lubricants in Arctic conditions.

ZRK LLC has an experience in manufacturing sledge tanks. A horizontal steel tank on the sledge-type support is manufactured from ferrous or stainless rolled stock (steel grade 09г2с) specifically designed for low temperatures, and normally supplied in the typical sizes of 5, 10, 15, 25, 40, or 50 m3. The tank surfaces are coated with a primer, paint, or other anti-corrosion coatings. Such tanks are mainly used for gasoline, kerosene, or diesel fuel.

The sledge tanks are transported by pulling using their transport loops located at the front and the back of the tank. Such special supports help to move the tank on snow or ice from place to place in the Arctic region and install it in a desired place. Operating such equipment facilitates the work through its simple design, reliability, and versatility.

Sledge Tanks in Yekaterinburg

The manufacture of sledge tanks may be ordered in Yekaterinburg at an affordable price. More detailed information on the sledge tank manufacture may be obtained by calling by the company’s Yekaterinburg phone number. Zavod rezervuarnykh konstruktsy manufactures sledge tanks per both the type designs and the customer’s drawings.

Storage tanks and containers for gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, or other chemicals are commonly referred to as fuel tanks. This industrial container is the best solution to store various kinds of fuel.

Many modern machines (cars, heating boilers, machine tools) are powered by one or another combustible material: gasoline, kerosene, diesel fuel, etc. But have you ever thought in what containers all these mixes are to be stored or transported in? This is discussed below.

In fact, special containers called fuel tanks are conventionally used to store or transport gasoline, diesel fuel, various waters, chemicals.

Sledge Tanks in Yekaterinburg

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