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The accumulation tanks for oil products represent a special type of sealed containers designed to collect or store liquid materials. They may be of different size or construction, however, they perform the same function – ensure secure safety of their contents, preventing their leakage to the environment and preserving them from contamination.

Since those liquids have a special structure it is reasonable to purchase oil product storage tanks of steel with applied anti-corrosion coating. It is this product that meets the following requirements:

  • Corrosion resistance
  • Tank strength
  • Long service life

Accumulation tanks from that material are also used to:

  • Store drinking water at industrial enterprises or private houses or cottages
  • Accumulate fuels and lubricants, gasoline, diesel fuel, or other oil product at production sites or filling stations
  • Collect waste waters or sewage in a sewer arrangement
  • Store chemicals

Oil Product Tank Features

The tanks for oil products have their nuances, since those types of stock are considered dangerous and require proper storage. During their manufacture, resins resistant to chemical attack by oil products are added. Besides, they are additionally equipped with drain couplings, filling limiters, breathing valves, fire arresters, check valves, and ball valves. Those are all the components intended to prevent stock inflammation, as well as to facilitate tank filling and taking oil from it.

Oil Product Storage Tank Types

The tanks differ in the mode of installation; they may be placed on the surface or underground. The customer’s decision defines which of those types to prefer. A surface tank is more easily accessible and the filling stage is more easily controlled. The thing is that in that case a heating system must be arranged to prevent the contents from freezing and damaging the tank. However, the underground installation provides its advantages: no useful space occupied, saving on thermal insulation. At that, non pressure operation of the utilities is provided.

The tanks also differ in their design. They might be vertical or horizontal, divided into several sections or single-section, single- or double-walled.

If you have any questions regarding the manufacture or placing an order for the manufacture of tanks for drained oil, impure rainfall runoff, spillages, as well as other container equipment, please, do not hesitate to contact us by the company’s Yekaterinburg phone number.

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