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A firefighting water tank is a common name for a tank or container required to provide fire safety.

To ensure a water reserve allowing fire extinguishing if inflammation occurs, special firefighting water tanks are provided. Distinguished are mobile tanks used to deliver water by road or helicopter, and stationary tanks used for long-term water storage. The structure of such tank must ensure its reliability, filling possibility, and connection of branch pipes to supply water to fire-extinguishing units. So, a stationary firefighting water tank may be installed underground or on the surface. To prevent freezing, the tank walls are thermally insulated and an electric heating system is provided.

Firefighting Water Tank Design

The firefighting water tanks are made from steel sheets by welding; the steel grade depends on the climatic region where the product is to be used.

The following types of steel firefighting water tanks are distinguished:

  • Horizontal surface tanks
  • Horizontal underground tanks
  • Vertical tanks

Structurally, the horizontal tanks are single-layer single-section tanks composed by a cylindrical body with the bottoms. Depending on the tank capacity, applied are flat bottoms (for capacities up to 10 m3), conical bottoms (for 25–75 m3), or elliptical bottoms (more than 75 and up to 200 m3). Ring-shaped reinforcing ribs are weld-mounted inside the body to strengthen it. The body is also fitted with access doors.

For surface-mounted tanks, 4-mm-thick steel is used, protected with polymer paints on a primer; underground firefighting water tanks are made from 5-mm steel with outer corrosion protection with bitumen compounds. Horizontal tanks are usually delivered to the installation site ready-assembled.

Underground tanks do not occupy any useful space at the site and are more securely protected from freezing.

Vertical steel tanks comprise a cylindrical body, a conical bottom with 1:100 slope to the edge, and a top cover with 1:8 slope. The wall thickness is 12 to 18 mm, depending on the tank size. The thickness of the bottom and the cover is up to 7 mm. The construction is equipped with ladders and railings. The manufactured sizes are 100 to 1000 м3. They are manufactured by scrolling or sheet-by-sheet assembly at the installation site from pre-delivered constructions stored up and wound round a special framework.

Initial Data for Firefighting Water Tank Design

To calculate the firefighting water tank capacity, the water consumption for fire hydrants and the time required to extinguish a fire must be defined. Additionally considered is the time it takes to fill the tank, as well as the possible inflammation frequency.

When designing a fire-extinguishing system using the public water works, the water reserve to replenish the lacking water consumption from the line is calculated.

For surface installation, the tank is fixed on a special support, for underground – mounted on a special underground foundation.

Customized Firefighting Water Tanks

Zavod rezervuarnykh konstruktsy manufactures firefighting water tanks in type designs with the capacity of 5, 10, 25, 50, 75, or 100 cubic meters, as well as in customized designs. If you have any questions, please, do not hesitate to contact us by the company’s Yekaterinburg phone number.

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