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Tangential settling tank

When more than 25 m3 of waste water are treated per day, the treatment process layout is to include a grate mechanical cleaning unit, tangential settling tanks, primary settling tanks and biological treatment, biofilters in various forms, and circulating oxidation channels.

Tangential settling tanks are designed to remove mineral impurities 0,25 mm in size or coarser; they are generally used at treatment facilities with a capacity of more than 100 m3/day. At small treatment facilities, horizontal settling tanks are used with manual or mechanical sand removal. In tangential settling tanks, there is vertical movement of water, in which mineral impurities are extracted. The water there moves at a tangent to a circle, thereby pushing heavy impurity fractions to the vessel walls, which then roll down the conical bottom under gravity. The treated water is taken from the central part of the vessel. The advantage of such sand catchers is in their compactness, high capacity, and easy servicing.

ZRK LLC is able to manufacture settling tanks in different sizes, shapes, and capacities, per type or customized designs. The main competitive advantages of cooperation with our company are the assembly quality, performance time, and impeccable reputation.

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