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Aluminum Tanks

Today, aluminum tanks are widely used to store drinking water or milk. ZRK LLC manufactures aluminum tanks per type or customized designs.

Before the 18th century, scientists of the past poorly distinguished the compounds composing rocks and minerals. Materials and substances were “very similar”. Only in 1754, scientists started to single out the components. Andreas Sigismund Marggraf is a German metallurgist and chemist who discovered a new metal in 1754. He named the compound alum earth and soon it became known as Alumina or Alumine. After the discovery, many scientists tried to extract aluminum metal galvanically; in 1825, the physicist Ørsted used a chemical reaction and came to a certain result – the light metal was similar to tin. We inherited it as a silver-white metal, distinct for its very little weight. Aluminum is not susceptible to corrosion, which is why it is used in many industries, widely applied as a structural material, in particular, to manufacture aluminum tanks.

An ancient Roman legend has it that the Emperor Tiberius once received a little metal plate looking like silver, as a gift from a jeweller. The jeweller told that only he himself and the God know how to obtain this metal from clay. The Emperor was afraid that aluminum would be readily available and his wealth would devalue and beheaded the jeweller.

Aluminum Containers Manufacture

резервуар из алюминияAluminum became widespread due to its susceptibility to stamping. Products from it are used in aviation, machine and food industries. Food manufacturers use aluminum containers made from food aluminum. It is also used in agriculture.

Industrial and Domestic Aluminum Containers

In industry — nonferrous metallurgy — aluminum smelting ranks first but neat aluminum is used very seldom due to its low density; it is admixed to copper as a binding agent, which results in an elastic alloy. Also used are aluminum water containers where water is preserved longer and does not cause oxidation.

Aluminum containers find wide household use as dishware and pots. Aluminum products may be found in a bathroom or hall.

The aluminum applications are really abundant. It is added when smelting other metals, e. g. bronze. It is included in the compositions of metals from which coils in electric devices are produced. Farms use aluminum milk containers in a form of cans or cisterns installed on cars. Aluminum tanks are suitable for storage of any products, whether it is fuel, water, or cereals or beans. The tight closure ensures preservation and prevents evaporation. Private household owners decide to buy an aluminum container for domestic needs, due to its durability, specific lightness, and easy maintenance. The price for aluminum containers is comparatively low, which is why it is an affordable buy for general public.

Even the human body has a certain amount of this remarkable metal. The daily demand is up to fifty milligrams. It is present in nearly all organs and tissues. It enters the body with food or water.

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